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Our team is continually creating applications which create diverse revenue streams in order to provide membership options for Janus token users and foundational income for our team budget. The current model for JNSHash gives the cryptocurrency community the option to enroll in the JNSHash mining membership. Membership options start with the ownership of 100,000 Janus tokens. When our mining operation achieves a certain level of growth, we intend to allow each single Janus token to represent an amount of hashpower, however, this is based on projected growth during 2018. The details of this as well as the means to exchange tokens for farm hashing power will be revealed once this operation achieves optimum size later in 2018.


Our vision is to create a software and services company which utilizes a common technology platform to rapidly implement distinctly branded projects targeting a number of carefully selected markets.

In order to prepare for the implementation of our ideas, we have developed a technology platform which provides basic infrastructure and is for secure, flexible and highly performant. This allows us to focus our energies on implementing the functional aspect of our our projects and not have to spend resources on foundational code handled by the framework.

We have chosen Ardor for the technology it provides, it's known stability and it's technological roadmap. Ardor is positioning itself as one of the most interesting technological blockchain solutions with great potential for future business use. We see its proven stability and security as a great foundation for our blockchain activities and plan to leverage Ardors strength for our projects where appropriate.

We are blockchain enthusiasts and have spent several years in this space. We love immutable and programmable money and are convinced that the innovations which come from the blockchain space will enable exciting new use cases and allow innnovative applications to be created.

Token name: Janus
Trading symbol: JNS
Blockchain: Ardor Platform

Asset Id: 4348103880042995903
Circulating Supply: 22,935,538 JNS
Total supply: 25,201,489 JNS

"He who does not value the small, is not worthy of the big".




The JNSHASH project allows users holding at least 100,000 JNS to benefit from participating in our mining operation.



We are working hard on our social fintech site You can look forward to a broker-independent signal calling service with some innovative ideas which we believe will be interesting to both seasoned and new traders.

So stay tuned.

Scraper Sites


We are creating 4 news websites that will aimed at a mainstream audience and utilize blockchain concepts in order to encourage and reward user participation. A new utility coin to support this will be launched after the first scraper site becomes available to public.

Aggregator Update


Ardor Tools


Ardor Wallet




1- Download client: platform). Keep your passphrase safe store.
2- Install the client and create the account.
3- Check your ARDOR ID/address.
4- Switch child chain on your client to IGNIS, BITSWIFT or any new child chain in the future (left side of the client).
5- Go to the Asset Exchange.
6- Add the Janus token with ID 4348103880042995903.

7- Buy/Sell Janus.
You can check this tutorial for more details:

EXTERNAL EXCHANGES ( in progress...)
1- Go to the Asset Exchange.
2- Click transfer on your JANUS ASSETS.
3- Send JNS from the ARDOR CLIENT to your JNS address on the external exchanges.
4- Some exchanges will ask you for public key or ENCRYPTED/UNENCRYPTED MESSAGE (fill that space before sending).
5- Buy/Sell JNS.

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